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Selling Success Starts Outside!

Elevate your property with Yardner’s outdoor staging service

Boost curb appeal effortlessly!

At Yardner, we understand the significance of leaving a remarkable first impression when it comes to selling your home. That’s why our staging service focuses on enhancing the curb appeal and overall exterior presentation of your property to captivate potential buyers from the moment they arrive. Our Pre-sale Garden Makeover service is tailored to elevate your outdoor space to its fullest potential.

Whether it’s adding established plants in stylish pots, strategically placing outdoor furniture to create inviting spaces, or opting for our premium package where we assess your existing gardens, lawns, and plants to maximise impact – we’ve got you covered. 

Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your goals and budget, then devise a tailored plan to transform your outdoor space into a show-stopping feature of your property. With Yardner’s staging service, you can rest assured that your home’s exterior will shine, giving you the best possible chance of a successful sale. Let’s work together to make your property the talk of the town!

How Does it Work?

1. Contact Yardner

Contact the friendly team at Yardner to arrange a FREE design consultation.

2. Select Package

Select the package that best meets your requirements.

3. Initiate Transformation!

Let the Yardner team do the rest and watch the transformation come to life. 

Yardner staging & landscaping got me an outstanding result!

The transformation made the property almost unrecognisable in the best possible way! Absolutely thrilled with the final result - it made all the difference, and played a significant role in the outstanding sale outcome. Pre-sale investment for gardens and staging is worth every penny - highly recommend all vendors make the investment with a Yardner makeover!
Maria J
Happy Seller

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Property Transformations with Yardner!

The Brief: With the goal of maximising the sale price, the brief called for a significant improvement in curb appeal. Priority tasks included rejuvenating the grass to restore its lush green appearance and taking decisive action to clean up the overgrown garden beds. The directive was clear: spare no effort in ensuring the property exuded an impressive and inviting aura that would captivate prospective buyers.

The Result: The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. Old and overgrown bushes were removed, while carefully selected established plants were retained and trimmed to perfection. A comprehensive restoration effort was dedicated to the lawn, resulting in a verdant expanse that bore little resemblance to its previous state. Layers of plants were strategically added to the garden beds, combining smaller and larger varieties to create depth and visual interest. The lilly pilly plants were expertly shaped and complemented with small white flowering plants to harmonise with the path and the property’s white facade.

Additional touches, such as the placement of decorative pots, further enhanced the landscape’s appeal. Woodchips were introduced to provide a polished finish, offering a striking contrast against the white facade, green grass, and pristine stepping stones. The house ultimately sold for a record price, with the transformation leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed it.

The Brief: Our objective was clear, to enhance the property’s landscape appeal while ensuring low maintenance for future tenants. To achieve this, we introduced hardy native grasses, strategically placed pots for visual interest, black wood chips for refined aesthetics and reduced weed growth, and provided a professional trim for existing hedges. Additional tasks included debris removal and adding layers to garden beds.

The Result: The transformation exceeded expectations, even better than the pictures show. The property now boasts an inviting charm that effortlessly meets rental standards while delighting tenants with its low-maintenance allure. 

The rejuvenated garden showcases vibrant native grasses and carefully layered beds, creating a visually appealing landscape that captures attention. Decorative pots and refined wood chips add the perfect finishing touches, resulting in an attractive and hassle-free rental property that stands out from the rest. 

This comprehensive makeover ensures that the property is not only visually stunning but also easy to maintain, offering tenants a delightful outdoor space to enjoy year-round.

Packages Available for Everyone!


Easy & Affordable
$ 990*
  • Design Consultation
  • Entrance Plant Staging
  • Lite Touch Yard Tidy
  • Plant Maintenance Guide
  • -
  • -


Best Value
$ 1320*
  • Design Consultation
  • Entrance Plant Staging
  • Entrance Accessory Staging
  • Yard Tidy Incl. Lawn Care
  • Yard Maintenance Options*
  • -


Ultimate Customisation
$ POA*
  • Design Consultation
  • All Outdoor Plant & Accessory Staging
  • Woodchip & Mulching
  • Comprehensive Yard Tidy
  • Lawn Green Blitz
  • Yard Maintenance Options*

*Prices may vary subject to individual needs. Silver & Gold Class package prices are inclusive of GST.

Unlock the full potential of your outdoor space!

Our Pre-sale Garden Makeover service is meticulously designed to unlock the full potential of your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to enrich your garden with established plants presented in elegant pots, craft inviting outdoor settings with strategically positioned furniture, or choose our premium package, where we thoroughly evaluate your existing gardens, lawns, and plants to achieve maximum impact – you can trust us to deliver exceptional results!

Too often, we’ve witnessed homeowners pour resources into perfecting the interior presentation of their homes while neglecting the exterior. Yet, as the age-old adage goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression. That’s why we’re here – to ensure that your property leaves a lasting mark from the moment potential buyers pull up. Our mission is simple: to create that undeniable “wow” factor that compels people to pause and take notice.

Work smart from the start!

Take the hassle out of staging and let Yardner do the work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yardner Staging is our expert service aimed at enhancing the visual appeal of your property’s exterior to attract potential buyers.

Our team assesses your outdoor space, making strategic enhancements such as landscaping, furniture placement, and aesthetic improvements.

Investing in Yardner Staging can significantly increase your home’s curb appeal, making it more attractive to potential buyers and potentially leading to a quicker sale.

No, we focus on low-maintenance solutions that enhance your property’s appearance without adding significant upkeep requirements.

The timeline varies depending on the scope of the project, but our goal is to efficiently transform your outdoor space to maximise its selling potential.

Absolutely, we tailor our staging services to suit your property’s unique features and your specific preferences, ensuring a personalised and effective presentation.

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