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About John Gitsham

  • Birdscaping Specialist
  • Conservationist, Naturalist and Birder
  • Owner @ Birding & Nature Connections

John Gitsham, a dedicated Conservationist, Naturalist, and Birder. He’s had nearly 30 years’ experience working the Conservation Industry both in Government and private in many and varied Conservation roles, most recently as Ranger in Charge for the SA NPWS famous Coorong National Park.

John has worked for various wildlife sanctuaries under Earth Sanctuaries, Australian Wildlife Conservancy, (NPWS SA) National Parks and Wildlife SA, NRM SA in many roles e.g., Nature Guide, Head Ranger, Wildlife Manager and Fleurieu Swamps Project Officer and Wetlands Officer for the Murraylands NRM in SA. Worked as Senior ranger at the world renown Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary (NPWS SA).

John holds a Bachelor’s degree in Ecotourism (Conservation Biology) Flinders University, SA and Grad. Dip Photography, SA School of Art, University of SA. 



  • Gardening
  • Attracting wildlife
  • Design
  • Pest management
  • Plant options

My past works

About me

John is a past President of Birds SA and currently a committee member (a member for 23 years) and was until recently a member of the BirdLife Australia’s Gluepot Bird Reserve Management Committee in the SA Riverland for over 20 years.  

An accomplished Nature Photographer of birds and landscapes, he was previously a Professional photographer for 16 years and he has recently produced two books of his recent B/W Landscape photography work.  

He also is a Facilitator/Tour guide of many Guided Bird walks, Bird talks/Lectures and Birdwatching Courses for 20 years including teaching Photography courses for SA TAFE. He operated his own Nature tours as a Tour guide throughout SA on and off over the past 10 years. He also does casual Bird Tour Guiding up in Darwin 3 months of the year with NT Bird Specialist. John is also passionate on all things about birds and teaches how to do ‘Birdscaping’ to encourage local birds to your garden or property. 

John firmly believes in “Conservation through Education” when working with the public. 

I can help you with:
  • Native Plants Selection –  Guiding you in selecting and cultivating native plants that are well-suited to the local ecosystem, ensuring they attract and provide resources for indigenous bird species.
  • Habitat Design – Offering personalised advice on designing outdoor spaces to create a diverse and thriving bird habitat, incorporating elements like varied vegetation, shelter, and nesting areas.
  • Water Features – Providing insights on integrating bird-friendly water features, such as birdbaths and small ponds, to attract a wide range of birds and contribute to their overall well-being.
  • Seasonal Considerations – Sharing knowledge on how bird behaviour and needs change with the seasons, and suggesting adjustments to birdscaping practices accordingly.
  • Identification of Bird Species: Assisting you in identifying local bird species through visual and auditory cues, and providing information about the unique characteristics and preferences of each species.
  • Wildlife-Friendly Practices – Advocating for environmentally conscious and sustainable gardening practices that promote the health of both birds and the overall ecosystem.
  • Dealing with Pests and Predators – Offering strategies for managing garden pests without negatively impacting bird populations, and discussing ways to protect birds from potential predators.
  • Educational Workshops and Webinars – Conducting engaging and informative workshops and webinars to educate enthusiasts on various birdscaping topics, with live Q&A sessions for community interaction.
  • Gardening for Biodiversity – Collaborating with enthusiasts to create biodiverse and welcoming spaces that support a variety of bird species, emphasizing the importance of fostering ecosystems that sustain wildlife diversity.
Top Tip:

Ecology: It’s not rocket science, it’s a lot more complicated than that!

John Gitsham

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